5 Things: Weekend Recap

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hi friends! I am still getting used to being back in the blogging groove and totally forgot to publish my post today!

Today I am talking about 5 things from our weekend. It was a GOOD one!

TRAVEL: We took a trip back to the college where Chris and I met. It was SUCH a fun day! We walked around campus, took Graham to the pond on campus to look at the turtles, and watched a baseball game. It was homecoming/alumni baseball weekend, so Chris got to go on the field in between games and announce when he played. After the game we all went to a new ice house that is right by campus and Graham was hammin' it up the whole time! He was an angel baby the whole day! No nap, yet he had everyone dying laughing at his dance moves!

The best part was seeing friends we hadn't seen in years! Chris and I share a lot of the same friends, so it was so fun getting some of the group back together. I hope we can make it a yearly tradition to meet back up each year!

BUYING: I ordered these wedges for our Maui trip. They came in the mail and were too small, so I returned them and am waiting on a bigger size to get to my house!

I also ordered this swim suit (top here, bottoms here) for our trip and I LOVE it! I am definitely not someone who orders a lot online because I have to try it on, but I have/had zero time to go shopping, so I took a chance on this suit. It is perfect! (For reference, I ordered the small in both the top and the bottoms. I am not someone who typically wears a small because I like everything loose, but I read the reviews and the small fits great!)

Andddd....if you follow me on Instagram (@sarahtuckerup) then you saw that Chris surprised on date night with a trip to get a Louis Vuitton! I've been dropping lots of hints that 'if you ever feel like getting me a new purse, this is what I want' and, well, the hints worked! I got this one and it has already lugged around tons of stuff!

THINKING: How excited we are for Maui! I can't wait to RELAX for a week!

WATCHING: The Bachelor. Did y'all see what he did to Becca?! Dude, you cannot have your cake and eat it too! I will admit, I read the spoilers, but I still had a good time watching it. I can't wait for tomorrow!

I'm also obsessed with Summer House, Vanderpump Rules, and This Is Us.

WONDERING: What are your Maui recommendations? We will be there for 6 days and we are staying at two different resorts on different parts of the island, so all reccs are welcome!


  1. I'm a spoiler reader too! I love how knowing the outcome still doesn't take the fun out of watching (except, there was nothing fun about watching what happened last night!).

    You will LOVE Maui! It's been a while since we were there but if you have the chance to drive to Hana - definitely go!

  2. Ok....I have been on the fence forever about the LV Neverfull...is this the medium size? I saw a girl at a conference with one last week and now you posting....I'm thinking it's a sign! Have so much fun on your trip!

  3. A fellow Aggie! So glad I found your page - we're going to Hawaii in November so I'm anxious to hear how your trip with a toddler goes!

  4. Welcome back! And congrats on the louis. The neverfull doesn't disappoint ;)