Let's Talk Baby Monitors

Sunday, October 30, 2016

One of the first things I knew I wanted for Graham's nursery was a video monitor, so I started reading about the top video baby monitors. Video monitors allow parents to peek on their little babes and see what they're up to; aka stare at them while they sleep. I can't imagine how our parents did it without video monitors. I guess they got a lot more sleep, ha!!

When researching about baby monitors I read this article and consulted some of my other mommy friends. I knew my friend loved her monitor for her twins, so I got her advice on what the pros and cons were.

Another thing I had read about in this article left me feeling a little hesitant about the wifi enabled monitors. The safety of our little Graham is my number one priority, so we came to the conclusion that we did not want a monitor that connected to wifi.

Ultimately we went with the Summer Infant baby monitor and have been very happy with it. The screen is really big, which is my most favorite thing about it. Mounting it was super easy and we take it with us everywhere we go. It easily comes off the wall and we are able to set it up on vacation or at either of our parent's houses.

Knowing that I can peek on our little guy at any moment eases my mommy anxiety a ton. Even though hearing all his babbles and coos can keep us up at 3:00am, I wouldn't trade the feeling of knowing he is safe for anything.


  1. Mine lived without lots of things but the main thing was CARSEATS! It still amazes me that we survived our childhoods without them!

  2. Thanks for this post! We've been debating on which monitor to get.

    I don't know how my parents lived without a monitor, either!

  3. I don't know how they lived without monitors or lightweight strollers!

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