Happy Things

Monday, October 24, 2016

1. Everyone's Monday should start off with pictures of my squinty eyed G baby! And we can't forget Neilee. G wasn't having any of her girl drama, hahah!

2. I ordered these leggings and I'm dying for them to come in. I almost just drove the 12 minutes to Nordstrom, but then Chris would know I was shopping, so I opted for the online route, haha!

3. Agendas and planners. Getting organized always feels so good!

4. Candles! They're so perfect for gift giving and these ones are so darn cute!

5. When some of the best booties are on major sale, that makes me very, very happy.

6. Chris, if you're reading, a personalized necklace would make a great Christmas gift :) I think you could guess what initial I'd like...

7. Umbrellas are so practical and these would make the perfect Christmas gift for that girl who has everything!

8. Everyone can always use a stash of thank you cards. They are a necessity and these are perfection.

9. How can it almost be November?! The thought of stuffing my face at Thanksgiving makes me happy.

10. Cooler weather! Texas was perfect this weekend and I sure hope these cooler temps are here to stay!

Happy Monday, friends! Thank you all for the prayers for my family. We really appreciate it!


  1. Not going to lie, this was the first blog I clicked on and the baby pics did make me smile. Have a great Monday :)

  2. He is just so stinkin' adorable!! Cuter every single month if that is even possible. Cant' wait to hear if you love the leggings..thinking I'm too old to pull them off but may have to snag for my daughter. :)