6 Month Favorites

Friday, October 28, 2016

We are SIX (almost SEVEN!) months into this whole parenting thing and with each month comes new favorites. All of these items are what we use on a daily basis, and I can't rave enough about each one.

Pacifiers - It wasn't until Graham was about 4-5 months old that he started liking a pacifier. We bought every kind imaginable and he likes the Tommee Tippee ones best. We use the same brand bottles, so I'm not surprised. He used to only take a paci when he was sleepy, but now that he is starting to want to chew on everything, we clip it to him and he chews/sucks on it all day. I love how he is able to take it in and out of his mouth as he pleases. He is a talker, so he definitely doesn't have it in all the time!

Sophie La Girafe - She travels everywhere with us. Not only is she a favorite, but so is anything else G can get his hands on. He is definitely in the put everything in my mouth phase. 

Baby Bjorn Bibs - I cannot rave enough about these (or any wipable bib)! We started out with cloth bibs during feeding time and quickly realized washing bibs every night was not our chore of choice. These bibs make after dinner cleanup so easy!

Pacifier Clips - Need I explain these? The fact that your child's paci isn't flying through the air at any random moment is a parent win. Plus, these are just so cute! 

OXO Tot Sprout Chair - Chris and I both LOVE this highchair. Not only do we love the look, but cleanup is SO easy. There are no weird crevices for food to wiggle into. The cushion is removable if food does find it's way under there, but so far, so good!

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs - If you follow me on instagram (@sarahtuckerup) then you know I'm obsessed with these bandana bibs. Bibs are synonymous with bows for girls. He literally has a bib for every outfit. 

Alphabet Tiles - With wood floors and the copious amounts of drool that flow out of my child, we needed something soft, yet wipable. This mat has been a life saver! If G spits up or drools, it is easy to clean. And, it is HUGE! We don't even have it all asembled and we still have a big area for him to play. 


  1. Sophie is the best present ever! When we have a kid, Ill be asking for one :)

  2. I love the bandana bibs! I'm glad to hear you like the Tommee Tippee bottles. Those have come highly recommended to me, so that's what I've registered for.