WIWW: Black Lace + Link Up

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

top // shorts //shoes
Aside from our class pet dying on the third day of school, everything has been going swimmingly. Kids are kids and I've already had to throw my "look" out a couple times. I've also been given the sweetest hugs and been told I'm "the coolest teacher in this hallway," so I'd call that a win.

On the home front, Chris has been getting up earlyyyy (starts with a 4...) to go to the gym, while I've been snoozing until (starts with a 6...) way too late. I'm hoping to get back in the gym at some point, but I'm still working on gaining my endurance to put up with ten year-old cherubs all day.

Other things to note:

- These sandals are worn six out seven days each week and I'm contemplating the socks with sandals look for fall because they are that comfortable.

- The State Fair is this month and I'm already craving a corn-dog and fried grilled cheese. So yum.

- You can still use TUCKERUPXOXO to get one month Rocksbox FREE! (The KS earrings I'm wearing are on rental from Rocksbox!)

Happy Wednesday!

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post.

- Write about something fashion related!

- Instagram @SarahTuckerUp for more outfits and randoms!

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  1. Love the lace tank and earrings. The slightly-distressed shorts are cute also. You are ADORABLE!

    Welcome by Sarah. Miss hearing from you.

    <3 Ada.


  2. gorgeous top! I'm always afraid of lace for some reason but it looks lovely on you

  3. Loving the lace with the shorts! Cute and casual! And I agree, I could wear my Sam Edelman's all day eeerrrday too. So comfy!

  4. Ditto on those sandals....they have definitely been the most worn for me this summer and they still look great.

  5. So so cute and FUN!! You look adorable and thank you for the link up!!