10 Things About Me

Thursday, October 4, 2018

1. I always drive in the fast lane. Always.

2. If my flat sheet and comforter are not perfectly aligned, then I make Chris get out of the bed to fix it :) They have to be perfectly lined up for me to sleep.

3. I am 5'3.5". People always seem to think I am taller than I am.

4. I cannot handle when my student's tooth falls out. Legit gags me every time. I usually just cover my mouth, look away, and aggressively point them in any other direction that towards me. So gross.

5. I thought I'd have my kids closer together. Then, I realized that sleep is life, and I really enjoy not feeling like I got hit with a stack of books everyday, so we've just been holding off because...sleep.

6. I do not get embarrassed easily, nor do I have any fear of public speaking. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks about me, so I'm always the one who gets volunteered to quiet a crowd or make an announcement.

7. I got married when I was 22. Like what the actual heck were my parents thinking? 6.5 years later...I guess we are doing pretty well!

8. Teaching is my second career. I have an MBA and was in accounting before spending my days with small children. My dream job would be to own a home staging company or become an interior designer. Or a real estate agent, but I don't want to work nights or weekends...ha!

9. I cry in church almost every Sunday. Those songs just get me! Chris always just looks over and rolls his eyes! Ha!

10. I have really bad anxiety. I get it from my dad. Some nights I can hardly breathe. Some nights I pace the floor. It can be over tiny things, or things that *might* happen in the future. I once had a panic attack because we forgot Graham's monitor on vacation. He was sleeping in the room next to us and I could. not. sleep. I felt like I was having a heart attack because I couldn't hear or see him. Chris went to the store and bought a monitor so we would have it the rest of the trip.

Welp, now that y'all all think I'm super strange, what are some things about you!!??

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  1. That's cool that your second career is teaching! I am about to get my teaching qualification - I studied art history and curatorship at university, but there weren't (and still aren't) many jobs in that field, so then I worked in administrative roles in law firms and the public service. I am looking forward to starting my next chapter!