Maui: Days 3 + 4

Monday, June 11, 2018

Happy Tuesday, friends! I am trying to crank out these Maui recap posts so I don't forget how amazing this trip was! I still haven't had time to download all our pictures, but I am making due with iPhone pictures!

Day 3:

Monday morning was our third morning in Maui and I had read all about these Brekkie bowls. I have had one acai bowl here in the Dallas area and it was to die for, so I was excited to try one in Maui. No one else in my family had had one before and we all agreed they were okay. Honestly, the one from The Juice Bar in my absolute favorite! 

After powering up on acai, the boys headed out to golf and the girls were on a walk on the boardwalk. My mother in law wanted to see the other resorts next to ours (The Grand Wailea) and the best way to see them is from the boardwalk.

The weather was still hit or miss, so after our walk we decided to go explore some towns around Wailea. I had a list of pie places we needed to try and Maui Pie did NOT disappoint. We tried four different flavors and they were all some of the best pie we have ever had! If you're in Maui, this is a must stop!

That night we stayed in, packed our bags, and prepared to move to a different resort on a different part of the island.

Day 4:

A few months before we left for Maui we all decided that, instead of staying in Wailea at the Grand Wailea the whole week (like we had originally planned), we should split it up to see another part of the island. Now that it is all said and done, we wish we would have stayed at the Grand Wailea the whole week, but we are glad we got to experience South and West Maui. 

Tuesday morning we woke up and walked down to the pool one more time. The weather was still not total pool weather, but we didn't care! We LOVED staying at Ho'olei at the Grand Wailea. If you're traveling with your family, this is the BEST place!

The flowers on the walk smelled amazing. WE wanted the best ocean views which meant we were the very back row of condos. We got our workout in just walking to and from the pool. 

The time came and we had to say goodbye to our beautiful condo! We all agreed that we WILL be coming back!

On the way up to Kaanapali and Lahaina we had to stop at the famous pie place, Leoda's. I am a banana cream pie lover and this was so good! And, yes, I did eat the entire thing in one sitting by myself :)

I spy with my little eye my spray tan rubbing off. Allll the heart eyes (not!). 

We stopped in Lahaina to check out the Banyan Trees and eat at Paia Fish Market. We did some shopping and killed some time before our check-in time at the next resort. 

We made it to our resort, Honua Kai, and were taken away with how beautiful the beach was. The beaches on this side of the island are definitely better, but NOTHING beats the Grand Wailea. 

We got settled in, went to the pool, and then decided to walk along the board walk before the sunset. 

We ended the night eating at Duke's, which has my most favorite dessert in the world, Hula Pie!

And that concludes days 3 + 4! Hopefully I can squeeze days 5 + 6 into one more post!

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