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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Recently, I haven't been getting out of my favorite Nike running shorts and workout tanks. Graham has ISR swim lessons every. single. morning. and from there we always run errands or go play with a friend.

Yesterday I told y'all a secret I've been keeping, so that took up much of my time the last week or so interviewing and whatnot. By the end of the night, when I have someone around to take my pictures, I'm already a hot, sweaty mess from the day's activities that the last thing I want to do is change to go take pictures!

But, I didn't want to miss out on telling y'all about some of my recent favorite finds!!

This dress has become a weekly wear. For only $19.99, I can't believe it has pockets! It is really stretchy, so soft and comfy,  and really long! I'm 5'3" and typically wear a S/M (more medium!) because I love things to have some room. I read the reviews and everything said size down, so I went with the small and I probably should have gone with the extra small because the neck scoops down pretty low and it is really long on my short body!! But, I've already spilled a martini on it and, if you're wondering, it washes great! Wash and hang dry/lay flat to dry and you're good to go!

I posted the top picture on my instagram a few days ago and y'all were going nuts over my cactus tee! I've worn it so much and feel like I've posted about it so much, but there were still quite a few of you dying to know where I got it! It is only $14.99! Once again, it is super soft and stretchy! I am wearing a medium, but should have got the small because it goes down really low under the arms! I just love my mediums because they're so roomy :)

AND, we have to talk about these Spanx leggings everyone is raving about. I went to Nordstrom because I haven't had a real bra that fits since before G was born and, with me starting back to school, I figured I needed to get that situation taken care of. I successfully fell in LOVE with these Spanx bras (I bought two!) and then noticed right outside the dressing room were these raved about Spanx leggings, so I thought I'd try them on. 

And, now I get it. They're amazing. They're so well made and I felt like I could go in public with these on without having to worry if anything was showing through. I'm wearing a medium and was not about to stuff my body into a small. They are high wasted, so they really suck it all in!


  1. That tie dyed maxi dress is wonderful!


  2. I love that maxi! Thanks for the link up! Peace!

  3. The maxi is darling and will be perfect for your new teaching gig. Congrats on that BTW...OK, so those Spanx. Thanks a lot. (she says sarcastically) Like I need to order one more thing from this dang sale, but I'm seriously thinking I'd better grab these to at least try. Better safe than sorry. Thanks Sarah! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Sometimes I forget to get my maxi dresses in a smaller size too! That is a beautiful maxi dress and I can see why you kept it!

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