My New Job + Life Lately

Monday, August 14, 2017


I sort of left you guys hanging on whether or not I got a job and I am super happy to announce that I accepted a position as an instructional support teacher and an elementary school not far from my pervious one. I am really excited to be in a new place, doing something new!! We started back (just teachers) last Thursday and, if I'm being honest, it felt really good to get up and have a purpose for the day!

Graham is going to a 'summer camp' at the church he goes to preschool at. Real preschool will start in a few weeks, but they so graciously put together this little camp for all the teachers who send their kiddos there. I thought he would cry a little when I dropped him off, but I was so wrong! He totally knew his teachers looked familiar and went right to them. I asked for a kiss and he half-heartedly leaned his forehead towards me and then he took off for the toys. It made me feel good about leaving him!

This past weekend we had some family in town and decided to take all the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium. I highly recommend going early if you are wanting to go! We got there right at 9:00am and it was perfect. It never felt crowded and when we were leaving around 11:00am, the line to get in was super long! The aquarium is close to Shake Shack, which was a perfect place to let the older kids burn off some energy. They played corn-hole and ping pong. It was a cloudy day, so we sat outside.

After we ate, G fell asleep in the car almost immediately. When we got home, everyone took a nap! It was pouring rain and the perfect lazy afternoon.

Saturday night we went to my cousin's house to swim and hangout. I love when family is around because someone always wants to hold/play with G which gives me a little break!

Sunday I worked on signs all day long! Chris inherited an 1100 lb smoker from his uncle that him and three friends managed to move from the trailer into our backyard! I can see lots of BBQs in our future!

Sunday night we gave Graham his first big haircut!! I'm not at all sentimental, so, although his curls were adorable, his hair needed to be cleaned up! He looks like such a little boy now!! (I failed to get a good picture of him from the front!)

Now it is Sunday night and I'm asking myself where the weekend went!! This week is my last week before students start school! There is no better energy than the first day of school!

Happy Monday!