Microblading || What You Need To Know

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Microblading is all the rage right now! Brows are the feature of the face and perfect ones are what everyone wants. I, personally, have never lacked having hair (wide eyed emoji), so I am not a great candidate for microblading, but one of my best friends, Cali, just recently had her eyebrows done and I asked her to document her experience for y'all!

1. What all was talked about and done in your pre-consultation?During the consult, Andrea at iBrow Stuido explained the entire process to me. I was very nervous and unsure about getting microblading done at first, so she was very thorough and even took the time to draw them on and give me an idea of what they would look like.

2. What was the process the day of the appointment? How long did the appointment take?
The day of the appointment I came in and filled out some paperwork. The appointment took about 2 hours. The first 45 minutes or so she worked on measuring and drawing on the outline of my eyebrows. She drew on two different shapes and I chose which one I liked the best. She then matched that eyebrow and she was ready to go! The remainder of the appointment she microbladed. The last 10 minutes I sat with the pigment on to be sure it set.

3. Does it hurt?

At first, it hurt a little bit. Before applying the numbing cream, she had to break the skin on both brows. It felt like a constant scratch. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. After the skin was broken, she applied numbing cream. From then on, it felt like someone was drawing on my eyebrows with a pen. In between microblading, she would rub some pigment (color) on the brows and it tingles a bit. Andrea was great about telling me each step so I was prepared and aware with what was going on!

4. How long will it last?

It will last anywhere from 12-24 months. You do have to go back in 4-6 weeks after initial session for a touch up.

5. How much does it cost?
Andrea at iBrow Studio was running a Groupon special for $200. Her normal pricing is $350 for microblading and $150 for the touchup.

So, there you have it! If you're in the Dallas/North Dallas/McKinney area check out Andrea at iBrow Studio. Also, you can follow Andrea in instagram @ibrowstudiotx. AND, until August 20th she is offering $100 off your microblading session if you're a teacher or work for the school district! 

Here is an adorable picture of Cali and her brows before microblading!


  1. My best friend just had this done and she loves it! You look marvelous! I have the opposite problem being blessed with very thick eyebrows...


    1. This is actually one of my best friends, not me! I was blessed with plenty of hair (ha!)! My friend does look pretty marvelous, though :)

  2. I keep seeing things and hearing about microblading. I thought it was like a tattoo? But now I'm confused since you have it touched up and it only lasts for a period of time. The girl who did hers did a beautiful job.

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