WIWW: Rediscovering + Link Up

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Do you ever finally clean out your closet and then rediscover something that you'd forgotten you had? That's how I felt about these booties. When I found them within the depths of our closet, it felt like Christmas morning!

I'm also embarrassed to admit how much I wear this sweater. It is perfect for everything. Seriously. I want 100 more. And I might as well throw this shirt ($7!!!) into this paragraph because it is on repeat, too. I'm guilty of having 1,974 things to wear, but repeat to the nth degree. 

All credit goes to my amazing sister in law who is the queen of finding the best earrings. Her secret: this place. 

Happy Wednesday, friends!!


  1. I love when that happens!


  2. Sarah, I am guilty as well of having a million things in my closet and repeating the same pieces. That cardigan is fabulous and so is the peplum top, so I can see why they are on repeat! And Francesca's definitely has some seriously adorable earrings!


  3. Love when that happens! They're super cute too.