Graham || 9-11 Months

Friday, March 3, 2017

WHERE DID MY BABY GO? I'm going to just go ahead and say it: We have been blessed with the happiest baby! Everyone gives Chris and I credit for how happy G is, but all credit goes to the big guy upstairs because He blessed us with something special. Even at his crankiest, we've only ever had a full on cry from Graham maybeeee three times. He is pure joy.

Every night I pray for him to be always be a happy boy and to love others. My prayer is answered daily when this little hoot of a boy shows off his squinty eyes or laughs hysterically at himself for no reason.

So much has happened since my last update. I'm kicking myself for not documenting months nine and ten, but life got hectic and what can you do? Oh well!

We will start with 9 months: 

- At 9 months he weighed 23 pounds and was 28 inches. 87% for weight and 34% for height (insert laughing emoji here!). The doctor said he was due for a growth spurt and I just giggled because he is totally built like my side of the family; short and squatty.

- Graham turned 9 months on January 1st. He started crawling Christmas day and also got RSV. He started sleeping through the night and his first Christmas was just as we'd expected, perfect. 

- He was in his first wedding! Uncle Sam and Aunt Callie had the cutest wagon rider :)

- On January 21st he took his first plane ride to Kansas City.

- He started to imitate our sounds. 

- G started table foods this month. Thankfully he isn't allergic to anything! He isn't a fan of eggs, peaches, strawberries, or broccoli. He lovessss sweet potato, those lil' crunchies, peas, carrots, most meat, pears, and bananas.

- He cut his first tooth!

10 and 11 months (because it all is a blur):

- In February G really started pulling up. He realized how fast he could crawl and he became a speed demon.

- He no longer wants to be held. He wants to go, go, go. 

- He is a little explorer and gets into everything. 

- This month was really hard on our little guy's allergies. I thought he had pink eye because he kept waking up with his eyes completely matted shut, but thankfully it was just allergies. Once we started him on Zyrtec, his eyes have been so much better. But, if we forget to give it to him, he wakes up and can't see! It's SO sad!

- He got his second tooth! Thankfully (knock on wood!) teething hasn't been bad at all. There were a few nights that Graham would randomly cry out, but one he found his paci, he'd go back to sleep. One night, for the first time in a LONG time, I had to go in a rock him for a bit. I'm not mad about it one bit. I'll take all those extra snuggles.

- G cut his lip at daycare when he fell while pushing the walker. His teachers said they tried to give him ice, but he didn't even care and just wanted to eat it. He is a total boy. 

- On that topic, he has started crawling ALL over Bailey, all over Chris and I, and dies laughing when he rolls or falls over. I'm scared for how much energy a toddler Graham will have!

- He can say momma, dada, sometimes hi and bye, and occasionally hi dad. Of course none of it on command, but when he says it, we melt. Momma always is yelled at night or when he is upset. Dad is always said when we FaceTime Chris at work. It is adorable.

- He started getting brave and letting go of whatever he is holding on to. 

- In the bath, his favorite thing it to stand up and drink out of the faucet. 

- He can clap, sign more and all done, do touchdown!!, dance, blow kisses, give sugars, and give high fives.

I'm sure I'm forgetting 90% of what has been going on, but that's mom life for ya! I can't believe our boy will be ONE in less than a month!!

Happy Friday!!