Graham || 7 Months

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Graham turned 7 months (whoa!) on the 1st. I'm only a week late, so things are improving! 

Nicknames: G-baby, Graham Ray, Angel baby, G-man, Bubs, Bubba

Weight: Around 22 pounds. On October 19th he was 20lb 10oz, so I'm guessing he's gained since then. 

Clothes Size: 9-12 months

Diaper Size: 3

Likes: Food, tags, baths, naps, his bear, jumping, cuddling, screaming, grabbing anything and putting it in his mouth, schedules, his paci, blowing raspberries, being outside, and the dogs. 

Dislikes: Getting off his schedule, being tired, being hungry.

Schedule: Wake around 5:45-6:15. If it is a weekday then we feed him and sometimes he stays up, but if it is a weekend, we put him back down and he sleeps until 7:30ish. He naps around 9 and stays down anywhere from 1-2 hours. Then it is eat, play, nap, repeat. He gets food at 5:00pm, a bath at 6:15, a bottle right after bed, and he is down by 7. Daylight savings has really thrown him for a loop. We are trying to keep him up 15 minutes longer each day, but he flat out passed out drinking his bottle. 

Milestones: He can sit 100% on his own. He can also (gracefully?) fall to his stomach. He grabs everything and is constantly talking. He chews on his feet and is a rolling machine. Sometimes I think he knows how to give sugars, and it is the cutest thing ever. Today (Nov. 7th) he actually opened and closed his hand when I said, "Bye, bye!" He can also hold his own bottle, is getting the concept of feeding himself, and will drink water from our cup when offered.

Looking forward to: The holidays! I just want to dress him out and take him everywhere. He is the best little guy we could have every hoped for. 

We went camping last weekend and G was darn near perfect. He definitely knew he was not in his crib because he didn't sleep that well, but we let him cuddle in bed with us, which was the best feeling ever. He was also a champ at not being on his strict schedule. We can't wait to take him on more adventures!


This is definitely the best age. You are rapidly growing, but it is SO FUN. You are a total momma's boy and nuzzle my neck all the time. One day last week I cried after I dropped you off because, as I was putting your carseat away, you were looking for me. Even the teacher said, "He is looking for you." I almost broke down in tears right there. But, Miss Rebecca always stands at the window and y'all wave at me as I drive away. I love my job, but I miss you all day long, sweet boy! 

Your personality is too darn funny. Literally you love making yourself laugh and you can entertain yourself for a solid 30 minutes before you need someone else's attention. You constantly laugh and smile and are a fan favorite by all everywhere we go. 

YOUR SMILE. Oh. my. gosh. You have this flat grin thing going on and I'm sure those will be the pictures we show at your wedding. I'm not sure where you learned this smile from, but it is the cutest thing we've ever seen.

As far as looks go, you are still rockin' the blonde hair. You have blue eyes like your momma, but they have a green tent like your Uncle Sam. You can thank your daddy for those precious squinty eyes and your pops for your giant hands. 

It is so fun being your mom and, if we could copy you, we'd have 10 more babies. Well, we might just risk it and have 10 more anyways. Just kidding...only 9 :) 

Happy 7 months, G baby! 



  1. He is so stinkin cute! What a fun age!

  2. Oh my goodness, those backwards ball cap pictures are so perfect!

  3. He is just such a cutie pie. This was always one of my favorite ages. I love having boys that love their mom so much....even as an adult!