10 Things About Me

Monday, September 19, 2016

1. I'm almost always in Nike running shorts and a tee shirt. Not that I run...

2. I prefer my hair in a ponytail, but my short hair makes me not hate wearing it down.

3. I hate when girls call other girls babe. My husband calls me babe...not anyone else.

4. Food is my love language. I don't believe in eating healthy, just eating in moderation. Except ice cream, that doesn't have calories.

5. I fiercely honest. I can't hide my opinions or thoughts!

6. Massages are my most favorite thing in the world. If I ever get rich, that's who I'd hire first; a personal masseuse.

7. I met Chris when I was 19 and had absolutely no interest in him.

8. Laundry is my least favorite household chore. I'd rather scrub a toilet any day.

9. Teaching is my second career. Public accounting was my first, and it was terrible.

10. Being a mom is something I've always dreamed about. I was definitely that girl who dreamed about her wedding and future family. Chris and Graham have surpassed any expectation I ever had!

What are some fun facts about you?!


  1. It's funny how some of these facts are definitely what made me follow you! Despite our big age difference I was definitely able to relate to you over food, honest thoughts and that laundry hating thing! haha

  2. I'm the same where I'm usually completely honest with people, and many hate that but you know what, I'm just over drama!

  3. I didn't know you used to be an accountant!! My husband is a CPA!

  4. These are great facts, I wish I could be a little more honest with people. And girls calling girls babe is weird. Taking the trash out is my least favorite chore.