Graham || 5 Months

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I may be three weeks late on this, but I did not want to miss documenting how much has changed with G during his fifth month of life!

For starters, we have a ham on our hands. Our little guy is a giggle box and we're told he is the happiest baby from his teachers. I always ask if he cries and they just laugh and say that he is literally happy all day. We are blessed with a little guy who loves life.

What's new...

- Graham is an eating machine. He has eaten carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and squash. Each night he gets a veggie and some rice cereal.

- He can roll both ways, and he's fast at it! We hadn't seen him roll onto his belly yet, but one day I got a note from his teachers saying that he needed a new sleep-sack because he was now sleeping on his belly. That day when we got home, I put him on his back and he rolled right over. Silly boy!

- He is a talking machine. If you follow me on instagram (@sarahtuckerup) or on snapchap (@the.tuckers21) you know that our boy has a voice.

- He lovessss his jumper. He gets going so fast I feel like he might bounce right out!

- He still loves his carseat, but only in the car. Once we are to our destination, he wants to be out and looking around.

- He still is not sleeping through the night consistently. If he does wake up, luckily it is only once. Although, now that he is a belly-sleeper, we've been making it almost through the night!

- He has his first cough/runny nose and I know that's just a symptom of daycare. I haven't taken him to the doctor because he hasn't had a temperature and I know they're just going to tell me to elevate his bed and run the humidifier, which we are doing.

- Grabbing our face is his new favorite thing, and we LOVE it. It is seriously the sweetest thing.

- He now freaks out if we leave him alone in a room. He definitely knows when we are not present.

- He wears 6-9 month clothes and wears size 3 diapers.

- He loves bath time. I slowly dump the water on his belly and he tries to grab the stream of water. It is the cutest thing!

- He still loves getting his diaper changed. He just coos and smiles!

- He is a total momma's boy, but when Chris gets home, it is all eyes on daddy.

Each month gets better and better. Chris and I decided that if I could birth 5 month olds, then we would have 100 kids. Those newborns are cute, but this stage is so. stinking. fun. And, I can tell it is only going to get better!

On the 1st we will have a SIX month old. Holy cow!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh goodness, I always say that each month was my favorite! They are all my favorites for different reason. Those eyes, lady killer right there.

  2. Oh my goodness those pictures are killing me. 😍😍 I have a newborn right now and I love all the cuddles but I can't wait until she's more interactive.

  3. What camera do you use? Your photos are always so perfect! I cant wait till we get to this stage. We are 2 months. We have a little who is def starting to show his personality and its so adorable.

  4. Those sweet pictures. What a precious 5 month old he is. Love reading about all his little updates.