Weekend + Bed Rest Update

Monday, January 18, 2016

Here we are, another Monday. I hope most of you have off and are relaxing!

Over the weekend Chris was in West Texas hunting, so I was home alone. I had many visitors and people come bring me food, so I wasn't lonely at all! 

My aunt sent me these gorgeous flowers that make the house so cheery!

I was up really late Friday night, so I spent most of the day in bed on Saturday. I had a killer headache from who knows what so I drank a Coke and that seemed to help. Ever since I went to the hospital they want me to not drink caffeine, so I've cut out my morning cup of coffee. I figured one Coke wouldn't hurt and it really helped my headache.

Saturday night one of my best friends came over and we ate pizza and watched tv. It was a totally relaxing evening!

Sunday I allowed myself to go to the grocery store for 30 minutes. I got home, but didn't put the groceries away because my time was up :) So I napped! I've been allowing myself 10 minutes ever hour to be up. Even if it is just standing there, it feels good to be UP!

Chris's parents dropped dinner off Sunday night right about the time Chris got home. We were both exhausted (I have no excuse, but he drove all day...) and were in bed by eight. 

I know I said on Friday I would get to go back to school on Tuesday, but my district's HR department didn't accept my doctor's note, so I have to have my doctor fill out a more detailed form. I'm hoping to get it all squared away tomorrow, so I can go back Wednesday, but I know it is not in my control, so I am trying not to stress!

I will keep y'all updated as the week goes :)


  1. Gotta love HR departments! I'm glad you're able to get up at certain times and that things are doing good :)

  2. Grr for HR departments! Catching up on blogs and so glad to hear you are doing better! Hope you get to go back to work on Wednesday but, just know it's all for a reason. I love the name Graham - super cute!

  3. Glad you still had a great weekend despite being on bed rest! I hope everything works out with your HR department and you can get back to work :-]

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  5. Sounds like it was a pretty good weekend :) (and don't feel guilty for napping; growing a human is hard!) BTW I love you nail polish colour!

    The Juneau Home

  6. Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend and was able to be "up" for a few minutes here and there. ;)

  7. Sometimes these things happen for a reason!! I know you are restless and I can only imagine..saying a little prayer you are back at it on Wednesday.

  8. Your looking so happy. Glad to hear everyone's taking good care of you. One word of caution, not meant to scare you. Just an FYI. Be wary of extreme headaches when pregnant, they can be a sign of toxemia. I had a really bad headache when I was pregnant and ignored it. The next day just happened to be my weekly doctor appointment and when they took my blood pressure it was through the roof! They asked if I had been having headaches and I said "Yes". Then they immediately induced labour. Mom and baby were fine!