Friday Favorites

Friday, January 22, 2016

29 weeks today!
One || This pregnancy I've been obsessed with stripes. I want all of these striped pieces so badly, but I am trying to refrain from buying them all since I am nearing towards the end of my pregnancy. I love stripes when I am not pregnant, but I feel like that sense it heightened now that I have a baby in this belly of mine.

Two || Valentine's Day is coming and all of these pink beauties are on sale. Tell your man!

Three || I've hinted all I can hint to Chris that I want a little "G" necklace for our Graham man. Tiny letter necklaces are just the cutest! My birthday, Valentine's, and birth of our baby boy are all right around the corner, so I'm giving him three great opportunities :)

Four || Pancakes and waffles. This has been my only pregnancy craving. Normally I am not a 'sweet' breakfast person, but I could eat waffles or pancakes with fruit everyday!

Five || We have both of our showers next month which leaves me pondering hostess gifts. I've been eyeing these coasters and this stationary for some of the ladies!

Six || Our new bed!! We ordered a bed for Christmas and Chris set it up Wednesday night. Hopefully this weekend I can get around to taking a picture of it. We got a new mattress last June, so we've been living without a headboard for months now. It is so nice to feel grown up again, ha!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay for a new bed! 29 weeks already! You look great my friend :)

  2. I bet that necklace shows up soon!

  3. Can't wait to see the new bed! I've been cutting carbs so your pancakes picture this morning on IG had me drooling!