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Friday, April 24, 2015

shoes // here
I wasn't sure what to title this post because all I have are random thoughts and sweet deals, so I combined them.

I am currently running on fumes from state testing this week. Want to know what is worse than monitoring a test for four hours then keeping twenty fifth graders quiet for three days? Nothing. There is nothing worse. Walking on nails? Bring it. Rotten eggs? Ain't got nothin'. But, even though we all hated it, and I silent-yelled more than I'd like to admit, my kids did relatively well and we all survived.

In other, more uppity, news:

- This favorite top of mine is on sale for $9. I think I'm going to add the other colors to my collection because original. (This other top I snagged last week is now only $11, you're welcome.)

- Pastels are in, so call me trendy. I've been rockin' this polish for many, many days.

- I'm on the hunt for the perfect one piece. Any suggestions? I've been eyeing this one, but haven't felt like going to the mall to try it on. #statetesting (I also am torn between this one and this one!)

- Old Navy is having a 40% off all active wear sale. I just scooped up a couple sports bras and tanks. I think it is officially time to retire my grungy tees. Can you say holey?


  1. I love those shoes so much--been eyeing them since you posted them on IG :) I don't think I could keep myself quiet for 3 days let alone kids--you are one strong lady!


  2. Is your testing on computers or is it paper? Our district is doing CPU's this year and boy is it going to be a mess! My husband's district already does it and hearing his stories (and he's just the tech guy who has to get it all rolling) make me glad that Kindergarten won't be a part of it...for now!

    Do you get daily emails from Old Navy? They have deals all the time, they are amazing - and I love those shoes, may have to go check them out!

  3. still think you're the coolest ever for being reposted by old navy! I bow down :) also you're one of my fav fashionistas in case you didn't know.

  4. Love all 3 of the one pieces! I picked up a few last year from Victoria's Secret that I loved!

  5. Oh man I love a good Old Navy sale!