10 Things Only Teachers Understand

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1. When a kid says they're sick, reading class probably just started.

2. There are always two, or three, sides to every story. Then everyone involved ends up getting in trouble because no one can decide which story was right!

3. If you don't wear any make-up the students always assume you're sick. And they point it out first thing in the morning.

4. The amount of sugar consumed at lunch is equivalent to three sodas, or more.

5. You find half eaten foods stuck to homework and inside books. I found half a peppermint attached to math homework yesterday. Yum.

6. Forging your parent's signature will always lend you to getting in trouble. Especially when you sign the wrong last name for your mom.

7. You may wonder where your child learned a new word, saying, or just became knowledgeable about something you've never spoke about...the answer is: kids at school.

8. When you screen shot a students inappropriate comments on social media and show it to their parents. Ya, they delete that account quicker than they made it.

9. Your kids will wear an outfit and tell you, "This is a Mrs. Tucker outfit." For those wondering, the outfit was jeans, a trendy t-shirt, jean jacket, glasses, and Toms. That'd be my teacher uniform if I had to choose one!

10. As long as the days are, and as much as you lose your voice, want to call in sick, and have more than 20 minutes for lunch, there is no greater joy than being a teacher.


  1. Aww these were so fun to read!! My nieces are four and two and what suprises me most is that I NEVER know what is going to come out of their mouths at any given time hehe but they always keep me laughing :)


  2. Hahaha...yep, only a teacher could understand those things! I'm so happy for you friend that you've truly found your career passion. :)

  3. haha, I love when teachers write these posts. The forging the signature, too funny!

  4. Yes to all of the above! Though as a side note for number 1, they aren't always sick... sometimes they have to go to the bathroom and it just can't wait (; Even though we went ten minutes before!

  5. haha this is too cute! you do so much :)

  6. i have to add to this. this year a student called my co counselor and left a voicemail acting like his dad to ask for a schedule change. it was 100% undeniable that it was the student. he even left his name as "lelo's dad" instead of leaving his dad's actual name. it was hysterical. when we talked to the kid we said we were going to have our kids call him back and say, "this is ms. so and so's daughter. she said no you can't have a schedule change". lol. kids make me laugh constantly.

  7. Looove this...lol. This is too funny, and I can vouch for that sick card that children pull as I'm the nurse at my school. Yep, they come and there's no fever, vomit, poop...--> back to class I send them.

  8. Black and white perfection Sarah! Thank you for hosting the linkup. Big hugs dear! Valeria, Coco et La vie en rose

  9. Haha, I definitely understand where you are coming from!

    Penn&Quill || Robin