Easy DIY Photo Backdrop

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Last month I headed to Nashville for my best friend's bachelorette party! I am the MOH, so I felt like I had to go all out! M bestie is so deserving of the best and I wanted to give that to her...but on a budget, hah!

Besides a budget, I also had to figure out how to get all the decor from Dallas to Nashville, so I had to really think things through. I knew we had to have a photo backdrop and after scouring Pinterest and Etsy, I just wasn't willing to pay tons of money for something that could potentially get ruined after being shoved in a suitcase.

That is when I came across this tutorial and it was SO easy and I am pretty impressed with the results! One tip I will add is to make sure you have really sharp scissors or a paper cutter. I ended up using my paper cutter and it made things go so quickly!

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  1. I saw this on your instagram and was hoping you'd share how you made it!! Saving for later! :)