Graham || 8 Months

Monday, December 5, 2016

Y'all, where does time go? How is my G baby almost a Y E A R old? As I write this, Chris and I are looking at old videos of Graham and Chris is telling me he is ready for another baby. He must be nuts :)

So much has happened this last month that I want to document!

Nicknames: Graham Ray, Angel baby, G-baby, Hoppy (because all he wants to do is hop!)

Weight: Around 25 pounds! He is a BIG boy!

Clothes Size: 9-12 months

Diaper Size: We are finishing out our 3s, but definitely ready for 4s.

Likes: Playing on the ground, other babies, eating, stroller rides, the dogs, tags, his paci, bath time, kisses from daddy, teething toys, and music.

Dislikes: Being on his belly too long. He can't yet go from belly to sitting up, so he hates it when he gets stuck. He doesn't like socks. The only other thing he doesn't like is sleeping through the night :)

Schedule: Well, G has had a major sleep regression. We aren't sure what to do! He isn't a crier, so the cry it out method isn't working! He was sleeping through the night from like 6-7 months, but hasn't slept through the night in WEEKS. He wakes up every night and wants to practice all his new tricks, which I know is a common thing, but we can't get him to go back to sleep! One night last week he played from 2:11am to 3:20am and we finally went in and gave him a bottle becuase he wouldn't stop rolling around and babbling. Recently, he has been waking at 12:30am, which is totally random, but we can't seem to shake it! He isn't crying long enough to cry it out. He whines and then plays. Whines then plays. Repeat. We hardly ever go in there, but, again, Saturday night he wanted to play for an hour! Any tips on this would be really helpful! 

Food: He eats a 5-6oz bottle of breastmilk every 3-4 hours during the day and also a breakfast pouch, veggie/fruit at lunch, and some sort of baby food for dinner. We will probably start table foods at 9 months, but for now, the convenience of pre-made baby food is what this momma is all about!

Milestones: Our G-baby holds his own bottle, gives you his paci then takes it back, waves hi and bye bye, and imitates some sounds that you make. He goes from sitting to all fours pretty quickly. He loves rocking on his hands and knees, but isn't crawling yet! At school they teach him sign language and, not surprisingly, he's got milk down perfectly. He also fake coughs and wines if he is the only one in the room, but immediately stops when you enter the room again. Also, bath time is one of his favorite things and he has started to go to his knees and really play during bath time. 

Looking forward to: His first Christmas! I'm also looking forward to the day he starts sleeping through the night consistently! But, we do cherish those extras moments we get with him at 3:00am :)


  1. He is just the cutest little pudge! Totally reminds me of my boys..they were both so big.

  2. So darn cute! My boy was so small, he wasn't 25 pounds until he was almost 2!

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