Hayes || The First Eight Weeks

Thursday, September 5, 2019

I cannot believe we've been a family of four for eight weeks now. Chris and I keep looking at each other saying, "We have TWO boys!?" It is definitely not lost on us how blessed we are.

The first eight weeks have had highs and lows, but, overall, this go around has been a much easier transition than when we had G. Even with three ER trips and a three day hospital stay for big brother, ha!

Many people said going from one to two was so hard, but Chris and I are in the camp that going from zero to one was so hard. We had done whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted for over six years by the time we had Graham. Then, out of no where, you can't do anything you want anymore and your whole world is turned upside down, in the best way.

So, this time around we know what it is like to not be in control of our schedules. We know what it is like to love something so much it hurts. We know what it is like to average six, or less, hours of sleep.

We also think that the three year age gap is part of the reason this transition has been so easy. Graham is very self-sufficient and is smitten with his brother.

Anyways, let's get to the first eight weeks of Hayes!

Hayes has been such a sweet baby! He is eating great, and, yes, we've had our night of up every hour and cluster feeds, but the last week has been a welcomed change in the sleep department.

NICKNAMES: Haze-a-roni, Rhones (derived from Haze-a-roni), Hayzers

SLEEP: Right now I am focusing on getting him to fall asleep on his own for naps. Most days he will take one good nap in his Dock A Tot and I make sure he falls asleep on his own. As for night sleep, he has been giving us a 4-5 hour stretch and then a 3+ hour stretch after that. He has done a couple nights of sleep from 9:00pm - 4:00am. When that happens I am always so excited, but, from experience, I know to take it one day at a time. We plan on putting him in his own room this weekend, so I am excited to get my room back!

EAT: He is a much more efficient eater than his brother was. Hayes latches, guzzles, and is done. I really appreciate this for those night time feeds. I am trying to get him on more of an every three hour schedule, but it is hard when I am running big brother to places and have to stop mid feed to wipe G's butt (literally, this happens almost everyday), or help G with something.

LIKES: He loves his brother, momma only after 5:00pm, ceiling fans, car rides, his swing, and he finally enjoyed a bath! The first several baths were not his favorite!

CLOTHES SIZE: Depending on the brand, he is definitely in 3 month clothing. He is proving to be just as big as his older brother.

WEIGHT: Over the weekend we weighed him at home and he weighed 13.6 pounds. As my friends say, "You produce that heavy cream!" Ha!

MILESTONES: The SWEETEST coos! Once he starts cooing, it goes on for a few minutes and it is precious, y'all! Also, so many smiles, he tracks you around the room, he is more alert during his wake times, and has great head control. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO: We are taking our first family vacation this month. We are headed to Florida to visit my sister in law and her husband who just had a little girl four weeks ago!

I am also looking forward to watching Graham and Hayes's relationship. Graham is obsessed with him and it melts my heart! Every morning, Graham grabs Hayes and says, "Good morning, my preciousssssss." Ahhh! I love it!


We still can't believe you're ours and we get to love on you forever! These past eight weeks have been nothing short of the best adventure we could have hoped for. You are such an easy little guy, and your smile and small dimple get us every time.

You have a brother who is obsessed with you and insists on giving you a hug and a kiss multiple times an hour...especially when I'm trying to feed you.

You have your first stuffy nose right now, but that's to be expected when your brother smothers you all day long.

You're our favorite little brother and we are so blessed to call you ours.

We love you, Haze-a-roni!


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