Graham || 4 Months

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nicknames: G, G-unit, G-baby, G-man, Buddy boy, buddy, bub, bubba, bubs, Spam, Spammer, Grammarrrr

Weight: We got on our home scale and estimated he was around 18 pounds. Well, we were close! He weight 17lb 10.5oz (82%) and is 25.5 inches long (68%). 

Clothes Size: 3-6 months and all 6 month footie pajamas. 

Diaper Size: We kept him in 2's after a couple leaks in 3's. He does sleep in a 3.

Likes: He now lovessss bath time. He loves splashing and when I check his mouth for teeth. He finally is entertained by his play-mat and loves grabbing and sucking on the toys that dangle down. He still loves his swing and his carseat! He is also a big fan of tv, music, airplane, dancing, and looking at the dogs.

Dislikes: He is more impatient now. When I lay him on the boppy to get ready to feed him, he starts freaking out. He also knows what the bottle is, so if daddy doesn't get it in his mouth quick enough, he starts to freak. 

New stuff: Oh my, so much stuff! Spit bubbles, lots of laughing, so much grabbing! He can pull his paci out of his mouth and sometimes plop it back in. It is adorable watching him try to get it in his mouth. He has started noticing the dogs more and it is adorable. He knows when I'm out of the room and he usually starts fake crying. If we just set him in his carseat, he tries to escape. He talks so much and it is the sweetest sound ever. 

Schedule: We have been cautious about the 4 month sleep regression, but so far, 3 months is proving to be the worst ever. G goes to bed around 8:00pm and sometimes sleeps all the way until 4-5ish and sometimes decides he wants a midnight snack somewhere around 1:00am. He is up around 7:00am nine days out of ten. He naps around 9:00am, noon, 3:00pm, and from 6-7pm. When he starts getting fussy, we look at the clock and it is always time for a nap. He goes down without being rocked or needing food. We literally put him in his crib, zip him up in his Zipadee Zip, and he is out. Occasionally we have to go in once to put his paci in, but he really does a great job falling asleep on his own. 

Milestones: Rolls from front to back, talking, laughing, sitting up with minimal support, stands up with you grab his hands, scoots around during tummy time. The pediatrician said we can put him in his activity bouncer and start rice cereal if we want, so we are excited about these new things!

Looking forward to: Honestly, just watching him grow. Each day he is just a joy to be around and has the funniest personality. We are looking forward to him starting to interact with the dogs because I feel like that will be adorable. I'm also looking forward to more giggles and laughs!


  1. Love this! I think I need to add baby baseball hats to my list of things for our little man!

  2. What do you think about the Zipadee Zip? HC is a little older than Graham (March 31) and I just transitioned him from the velcro swaddle to the Merlin last night, but was going to get a Zipadee Zip as well.