i gave my husband a haircut and he didn't even cry

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It may not show on his face, but he was pumped. I mentioned here that I have always wanted to cut hair for a living. May I point out that I never said I am good at cutting hair, I just enjoy it. 

I used to cut my Dad's hair. Don't laugh when I tell you that he is basically bald.

I also cut my girlfriend's hair in high school. Never leave a bunch of high school girls alone in a hotel room...they will all come out with shorter hair. We used to get the urge to chop our locks when we would go watch the baseball team in playoffs. The parents would get us our own hotel room, we would sneak out and drive to Wal-Mart to buy scissors (scandalous, huh?!), go back to the room and get to cuttin'. 

Now, I am married to my prince who lets me cut his hair. He always says, "If it's that bad we can just buzz it!" I don't even want to picture that. Plus I have added pressure that Chris now goes to fancy dinners with clients. I don't want him to be the goober at the table with the janky hair cut!

So how do you think I did?!

Don't base your opinion on the wonderful look my husband insisted on giving me. That boy has the most adorable smile and pearly whites, yet he always gives me this look. What.a.terd.

Honey, you give me this look. I put it on the blog.

Oh, and don't mind the long sleeved t-shirt wrapped around his shoulders as a bib. We keep it classy at the Tucker house. About .00078 seconds after I finished I realized we have a bib in the closet. It came with the hair cutting kit. Oops!

Happy Thursday! Aka, almost Friday! Aka, the day we leave for Boston! 

Have a wonderful day!



  1. you did awesome!! I don't think I would EVER be able to do that but you are talented

  2. Great job! Love his facial expressions too, hilarious. I also cut my husbands hair and I'm pretty sure he'd give me a similar look if I tried to take his pic for the blog. Hopefully my hub will never change his hairstyle because I only know how to cut one way. My kids even get the same cut. Ha ha!

    1. Thanks!! He is a hoot! Chris gets a slightly different version every time I cut it...due to my lack in consistency. Lol!

  3. I think you missed your calling. There is no way I would even know where to start! Good job.

  4. Please come to Kansas and cut my Duck Dynasty wanna-be hubby's hair (and beard!)!!!

  5. You did amazing my friend!! Maybe you and I need to go into the husband hair cutting business?! You think they'd pay us to just stay home all day and practice our skills??

  6. Nice work props to you!! The closest I've come to cutting hair is on my future mother in law's cockapoo :) at least he's a very patient customer and pays with puppy breath kisses!!

    1. Hahaha that is precious!! Sometimes Chris's hair looks like a cockapoo! :)

  7. His face is hilarious, but you did a great job! My only attempt at giving a haircut was when I was five and I got halfway through my cousins ponytail when our moms burst into the bathroom. It was a bad day for everyone.

    Xo, B

  8. Umm Sarah....you did AWESOME! It looks perfect! When we were at school, McKay used to get his hair cut at the beauty school and it was always super short on the sides and not my fave. You are so much better than them! See...who needs beauty school?!