WIWW: The borrowed outfit + Link Party

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remember this story about how Chris forgot 99% of our clothes when we went out of town? Well here are the whopping two shots (above and down below) that we got before we had to race to the wedding. I was going to wear this dress (below) with cowboy boots. I hope our bed wore it well...since that is where it hung out all weekend. 

Can we say pale (in the current picture at the top...)? I am seriously so ready for summer when I can be tan. Yes, this white-chick can actually get bronze. 

See tan pictures below:

The photo-shop on this picture was done by a friend in college. It speaks for itself.

 No one ever said I was normal, but many said I was tan.

Andddd back to the pale-ness. I won't lie...when I edited this picture in picmonkey, I put blush on my arms. If you have ever used picmonkey you know what I am talking about. The spray tan option is for "premium" users only and I am too cheap to buy it only use the free version. This picture also confirms that the "skinny arm" pose - aka hand on hip - should always be used. 
See below for a tanned-skinny-arm-pose:

This was back in college when I could workout for four hours a day and layout for the other four. Ahhh those were the days...

Here are some random thought for this Wednesday:
- When I dream and I have a super power, it is ALWAYS that I can fly. Then I wake up and I never left the ground.

- I have done four partnership tax returns since February 1st, yet haven't even started on ours. Oops.

- I am tired of our living room TV sitting on an old desk. Tax refund = entertainment center.

- Chris had a moment of baby fever this weekend...until Abby farted on him and you'd have thought she was a hot potato. He handed her to me like his hands were burning and Abby was the potato. It was hilarious. 

- I didn't order a cookie with my dinner tonight (from Which-Wich) because I am working on eating less cookies. I didn't say no cookies, I said less cookies. There are three boxes of Girl Scouts sitting on my counter right now.

- I just want one complete day off to not work and not do homework. Actually, I would take a half day.

- I wore a shirt to the gym today that said...well just see for yourself...

 - I might have lost you by now, but if I didn't then I should let you know this was a free shirt...and I haven't had time to do laundry lately. Desperate? Maybe slightly. But I really got some good laughs out of wearing it.

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  1. Oooo girl, I used to be so tan too! I think this is the pasty-est I've EVER been in my entire life! Ugh to be old. :)

  2. LOL! Love the shirt! I'm with ya on the pasty-ness! We have a wedding this weekend & I started using self tanner lotion on Monday! Hoping to have SOME sort of color by Friday/Saturday!

  3. That picture of you on the bike....Bhahahahaha, best thing ever!!! I seriously love reading your posts. You are so freaking funny, gorg and REAL!!! I wish we lived closer!!! (sad face) And we all are white now...I did use a little Xen Tan self tanner and it brought a little color back into my life. And skinny arm pose...yep, it does wonders for me!! Love ya, lady!!

  4. I am always pasty and that really will never change! haha! I just have people talk nerdy to me! :-) xoxo!

  5. love your workout shirt!!! i need one. my husband is a super techy computer nerd... yea i need it! xo

  6. Hahhahah not 'no cookies, just less cookies'. I like your mentality girl!

  7. Hahaha!!! Love the Pippy Longstocking hair!! And dang girl! You get tan! I need liquid spray enhancement to help my Irish pastiness! And you are smokin in your weekend outfit. ;)

    Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

  8. You totally cracked me up with this post. So many things to love here. I think you look pretty with or without a tan. And I love your cookie philosophy!

  9. I also edit with picmonkey and I frequently am disappointed with the quality of the pictures. I doubt I will ever pay for premium when the final product isn't of good quality.

  10. You look adorable in every pic! and which wich is our fave!

  11. I am completely impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.