Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIWW: Joules Wellies + Link Up


Joules Wellies c/o // Fossil purse // Target top 

Last month I talked about how wonderful The Hundred Event was. One thing I may have failed to mention is the gifts I walked away with from the event. Yes, I learned lots of things about blogging (you can read what I learned here), but who doesn't love getting gifts for simply signing up for something?

On the last day of the conference we were told we would all be getting a free pair of Joules Wellies! You've probably seen their wellies scouring the streets of Pinterest. The ones with the bows on the back? Ya, those are Joules. Adorable.

Joules was a sponsor of The Hundred Event and, to add icing to the already delicious cake, they sent each attendee a pair of wellies.

After multiple failed attempts to deliver my wellies, I finally got them yesterday. It was like Christmas! I came home from school and threw them on. Not only are they super comfortable (something I wasn't expecting), but can you argue with how cute they are? And what a perfect Christmas gift for the girls in your family?

My Mom and Dad are here for the week and my Mom grabbed the other shoe and put it on and declared, "I need a pair of these for Christmas!" I guess I'll be ordering a pair for her soon.

It is supposed to rain the majority of the next couple weeks, so I am happy to get some use out of these cuties!

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  1. Those boots! So cute, such a great price - thanks for sharing & for the linky :)

  2. LOL i have an outfit just like that and I love my Joules!!

    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. The Hundred event sounds awesome...I just ready your post about it. And wells for everyone? that's incredible. Super cute outfit, too!

  4. Lucky duck! Those boots are fabulous, and I absolutely love the mustard jeans with them. Very cute!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. I love these mustard colored jeans with the striped top!! So perfect, especially with the wellies!


  6. These photos are just lovely! And I am dying over those boots--I have some Hunter's but I hear great things about Joules! I want to try them :)


  7. those are so cute!! I love the details!

  8. OMG what adorable boots - and at an awesome price!!!!


  9. Adorable wellies-so fun! Thanks for hosting.

  10. Those floral Joules are gorgeous. Mine are not designer, but I do own some Floral Wellies which I love. I am loving this outfit also. I need/want some Mustard Skinny Pants. You are so Autumn-Chic, Sarah!!

    Always a pleasure stopping by. <3 Ada.

  11. I love those wellies!
    Pretty as always ~ thanks for visiting my blog.... i love linking up here. xx

  12. Looooving all the colors on these boots! So cute!!! Next year, you, me, and the West Coast for sure ;)

  13. So cute! Now we just need some rain here! I think people would definitely stare and laugh if I ever wore rain boots here...especially with the drought we're currently having...

  14. Love yours and the pairing with that outfit, so cute! I actually got the ones with the bow....*blushes* I'll be fixing them up to take a picture of. The bows need a bit of steam love to allow the prettiness of the ribbon to show. I'll be sure to post them soon.

  15. Super cute!! I wished it rained in LA so I could justify buying a pair of rain boots!

  16. Love your rain boots , they are so cute!

    Oby Grace

  17. That sounds like an amazing event! I'm a big fan of rainboots, I've always had a cute pair on hand since they started popping up in high school!

  18. Love your mustard colored pants and those wellies are so cute! :)

  19. Oh my gosh!! Cutest wellies ever! I'm super jealous.


  20. Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy link up; I love stripes, so your top immediately caught my eye. :)

  21. Ah we got the same ones. I am obsessed. Bring on the snow.

    1. They're so adorable! Here in Texas I'm saying just bring on some temps below 90!

  22. On the last day of the conference we were told we would all be getting a free pair of Joules Wellies! You've probably seen their wellies scouring ...


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