Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life Update || Weddings and Food

I'm going to start by saying I am missing these people. And Mexico. But mainly these people. I wish I was back in college with these two just living the college kid dream.

School is exhausting, as every teacher would say, and I', trying to soak in these last days of summer by not being huddled behind a computer. I'm sure when the winter months are upon us I'll be blogging about my cabin fever, but for now I am going to relish in these final days of mild temps and sunshine.

Last weekend my Mom and Aunt were in town for my cousin's wedding. I took them to the McKinney Square and we shopped and had pizza. It might have been my third time to have pizza in four days, but we don't judge here, so I'm not worried :)

Saturday was the third wedding I've been to in four weeks. Yes, you read that right. During this chapter of our lives it seems to be wedding season all year long. At my cousin's wedding, instead of cake, they served cookies and milk. Y'ALL, these were the best cookies I have ever had...and I've had a lot of cookies. You can bet I'll be hunting down their caterer and finding out where I can order these babies. The white chocolate macadamia nut did not stand a chance. 

Sunday we finally unpacked our bags from Mexico and cleaned the house. Chris was outside for a really long time and I kept hearing the mower stop and start, so I figured I'd go out and see what what going on....

Imagine me as the monkey emoji covering my eyes. #emabrrassing. I'm expecting a letter from the HOA any day now and all fingers are pointing to the Mr.

That's all I've got for today! Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Chris' mowing job makes me laugh. I can just see you inside trying to figure out what is going on with the mower outside. haha I will take cookies over cake any day.

  2. hahaha his lawn tricks are always on point!! cracks me up!

  3. Your hubby is awesome...that is too much fun! Y'all should totally come to a game!

  4. Oh my that lawn job is hilarious!!

  5. So fun to have cookies & milk for a wedding!! And wow to that lawn job! It's amazing!!

  6. Those COOKIES!! No judgement here on the pizza...if it were acceptable and healthy to eat it every meal I would!! :D

  7. Hahahaha, that's awesome. Cheers to the last days of summer! Also, no judging on that pizza repeats. Totally get it. ;)

  8. Yum, I could totally go for cookies and milk right now. And pizza...


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