Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My New Favorite Sweater

I might have worn this shirt/sweater way too many times in the last week. It is so soft and goes with everything. I love the detail of the back. You can see through the back, but not so much that it's like, "Hey! Check out my back!"

Another thing that has been on repeat often (maybe too often?) lately is this side braid. I can do this in about 45 seconds and still look somewhat put together at school. It is a step up from my normal pony-tail. There is a teacher at school that always comments when I have my hair down because she says she has never seen anyone wear there hair up more than me. #guilty

And thanks for all the loving comments about our new floors! Once again the day got away from me, and I wasn't home before the sun went down. Pictures of the final product coming soon!


  1. I think I wear my hair down 90% of the time, and I'm amazed if I can actually brush it before work, haha. 4:30am comes way too soon!

  2. Loooving yo side braid! And nothing is more perfect for Winter than a cozy sweater :)

  3. I can totally see why it is your new favorite! It is super cute and looks comfy too!


  4. Very cute sweater and your hair looks great.

  5. That would be a favorite sweater for me also, Sarah. You have to give us a tutorial on this simple but gorgeous side braid. Mine is never that perfect.

    And welcome by sometimes.

    <3 Ada.

  6. Such a cute outfit! The sweater is awesome. I love the panelling of different colours and textures. Beautiful!


  7. Love this top! I need something this color, and that detailing is beautiful! Did I miss seeing where it's from?


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