New Favorite Shoes + Link Up

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Right before school started my dad took me on a little back to school shopping trip. I think it is true that I'll always be his little girl, because he sure treats me like it. And, I don't mind one bit!

After I had Graham I got rid of most of my flats because they just. weren't. comfortable. Starting back up for the school year, I knew I needed some and, honestly, I thought these looked terrible just sitting there on the shoe rack. Then, I saw a sales girl wearing them and they looked SO CUTE! And, now that I have them, I have to agree. So ugly off your foot, SO cute on!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I am loving all the slides in the stores! I have a few pairs but I am loving the metallic ones. Great post! Peace!

  2. So dang sweet that your dad still takes you back to school shopping!

  3. That is adorable that your daddy took you shopping! I still haven't tried these for the reason you mention....ugly off. I guess I need to give them a shot on.

  4. Mules are definitely on my fall shopping list, too!

    xo Jules

  5. Yay for shopping with dad! I was showing my daughter some mules in Nordstrom yesterday (college girl) She doesn't like them, but I think you are right...they are so cute on!!! Love yours and the fringe on the sweater is a fun detail!