Why I Don't Shop The #NSALE + Link Up

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The other day on instagram I was feeling spunky and decided to do a "try on sesh." With the Nordstrom sale going on, that's about all my feed is. MUST HAVE jeans and MUST HAVE shoes and XXXXXXS sizing. I am honestly just sick of it and ready for my instagram to go back to normal :)

During my "try on sesh" I was sporting a maternity tank and some Nike running shorts. I did it as a fun poke at the fact that I'm not presentable 99% of the time. I wanted in on the "try on sesh" action.

Well, little did I know that y'all LOVED it and were cracking up with me! 

As I got to thinking about it, I really felt a pull at my heart to thank God for keeping me focused on the things I NEED in life. I NEED shelter and food and my family. I NEED water and fellowship and a good support system.

What I don't NEED is an 80th pair of jeans or another MUST HAVE blouse. Do I want all those things? YES! 100%! But, I don't NEED any of it.

As a society, we are followers. We follow everything, but the one most important thing we should be following (in my opinion) gets lost within all the #NSALE, #tryonsesh, #bloggingworld.

Jesus had followers without shoes, clothes. He had people follow him when He looked his worst. He saw the best in everyone and gave His life for us to live freely!

When I think about NEEDING things, I can't help but get a pit in my stomach thinking about the people who think they do NEED a new white tee, or a new pair of shoes. If you want it, cool, but I highly doubt anyone NEEDS ripped up jeans or a cardigan with a hood. We all can live without it.

Honestly, it takes a lot of self control to not go crazy and buy things. Of course I want these cute booties that everyone and their mom is buying and the cardigan that is as soft as a baby's bottom! Of course I want those things! But, I truly have plenty. I have enough and I'm living with that because I want to put my money and time into things that are not going to go out of season next year.

On the other hand, it is a bloggers job to promote their "product." Their job is to try on and "buy" (then they usually return 90%) clothes and show them off. You, as the read, buy it, they make a commission, etc. I seriously commend them because being a blogger, much less a fashion blogger, is hard work!! I love that they get to make a living doing what they love!! I truly love that!

What I pray for is that this world we live in stops NEEDING new things just because they're on sale. Or NEEDING something just because someone they idolize has it. I pray that little girls who follow people on instagram have enough self confidence to grow up and know that they can wear Nike shorts and a tee shirt and still have the same worth as someone decked out in designer clothes. 

If you've been a reader here for awhile, you know I did a YEAR OF NO SHOPPING back in 2013 and it was, truly, a life changing experience. I didn't buy a single piece of clothing or shoes for the entire year. Through that challenge I matured into knowing that my worth doesn't come from Earthly objects. What I wear didn't matter and what I had was (more than) enough! 

I am thinking about doing another no shopping challenge! I spoke about it on an instagram story and many of you seemed really interested! If I start up a challenge group, who would be interested?? We would start small...like no shopping for three months, but eventually I'd love to go another year!

So, because I'm a blogger who isn't shopping the sale because all I NEED is my Nike running shorts and a maternity tank, here are my favorite picks if I were shopping the #NSALE!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love shopping but totally felt like this year it was just crazy overkill. I think the addition of insta-stories really made it a little more in your face. I seriously have more than I could ever need in my closet, in my fridge...in life in general. I would totally join you for a spending freeze! Having a little accountability would be great.

  2. Fabulous post, couldn't agree more. I really dislike this time of year when the Nordstrom sale comes around. I just don't understand the hype. The sale prices aren't great, and the stuff looks just like the same clothes from last year. I just don't get it. What does the hashtag "tryonsesh" mean? I haven't seen that before...or maybe I didn't notice it.

  3. I've been totally cracking up at your stories on Instagram! I agree with the above comment that the addition of insta stories has made a huge difference and all I can say is that I'm thankful for the opportunity to skip right over all those "Dressing Room Diaries". I'm also constantly wondering why they need so many $198 pairs of jeans (and that's on sale, HOW IS THAT A SALE?!). Anyway, I love this message and I'd love to participate in a no shopping challenge with you!

  4. So, so true. I actually started following you when you were in your no shopping year, I thought the concept was awesome. I did a shopping ban for 6 weeks and it was surprisingly easier then I thought it would be...don't know if I could go longer though...hmmm....

  5. Amen!! I was just telling my husband yesterday that I hate the Nordstrom sale, haha! I love my blog feed and reading all the new blogs with my coffee every morning when I get up early, but I have just been ignoring the eleventy million NSale posts!! I don't need hundreds of dollars worth of clothes just because they are $15-20 cheaper. Target wardrobe for the win! I cannot express how much I love this post!

  6. I love this post, I've followed your blog for years and this is why!!

  7. 100% AGREE!! I can't justify spending some of the money some do on certain clothes. I'm fine with what I have and need to rid of a lot before buying more anyway.

  8. THANK YOU for writing this. So much. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I'm so ready for my feed to go back to normal too! I love a shopping spree as much as the next girl, but the materialism that the Nsale promotes is just too much for me.

  9. I love those open toed booties so so cute..I always miss this sale when it comes around...I shop mostly other places.

  10. Amen!!! I cannot like this post enough!! I'm so over the Nsale already. Truly, we are so blessed that nothing from the sale was a NEED so I just skipped the posts so I wasn't tempted. Will be glad when it's over. So glad I found your blog ;)

  11. wow.... I read this from beginning to end.. you got me... this year's sale was disappointing anyway.

  12. I'm right there with you. I also live overseas and so I don't think there are any actual Nordstroms over here. I would have to shop online, which is great but also just not within the budget right now.


  13. I just confessed this morning to my husband that I have been trying to fill myself with shopping and buying new things. I am going through a season of change and instead of embracing it and throwing myself into Gods Word (where I really should be) I have been shopping instead and filling myself with things. I needed this post and I NEED an accountability shopping freeze group. Thank you for these words!

  14. LOVE your post today! I do not instagram but do read blogs pretty much daily! I'm really fed up with the push for the pre"sale" and then when it goes live! This year I did not even open the feeds for the blogs that were pushing the sale!
    I definitely need to challenge myself to a no buy period. My problem is purchasing "stuff" for my home! I can ignore clothes, shoes and purses all day long; but if a shiny decor item should catch my eye....whew!

  15. I love this! I totally agree 100%. We've been trying to budget more and spend less on things we don't need. I'd be interested in joining a no shopping group...but I think I'd have to start with a month haha and ease in to it. I have so much, I definitely don't need anything. I think it would force me to be more creative with the clothes, shoes, home decor, etc. that I have, and find ways to use them more or differently.