What I Wore Wednesday - My New Cream Blouse!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do you ever find a piece of clothing and just fall in love with it? I think my problem is that I fall in love with ALL clothes, but I have to pull back the reigns and pick pieces that I truly love.

I have adopted this rule: if you are not sure about something, walk around the store with it and then reevaluate once you are done browsing. Rash decisions lead to clothes with tags on them hanging in the closet for years until you finally donate them. Guilty.

Last week I wrote about items that I loved so much that they came to my casa with me. This shirt made the cut. It is possibly one of my favorites...of all time.

People who know me know that I wear loose, flowy shorts 99.999% of the time. Just look at all my other WIWW posts...the majority contain a flowy top or dress. I just have never felt comfortable in tight clothes. Not my style, ya know?! It is a running joke that I will not have to buy maternity clothes when I am pregnant because all my shirts are already so loose (for anyone wondering, no we are not expecting, so don't get the wrong idea!).

I have shown y'all my riding boots, but these boots are different. They are more dressy I guess...not so "let's go ride a horse." They are made by Chinese Laundry and I got them at Nordstrom two years ago. They are so supa-dupa comfy! 

So there ya have it...another flowy top for another fall day. Ehhhh it was actually almost 80 here in the Big-D, but since it is November, I am calling it fall.

Is anyone else excited that they are going to consume 10,000 calories by the end of tomorrow? Anyone? Now you see why I always wear loose tops ;) There is a method to my madness fashion.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. OMG!!! This top is one of my faves I have seen on ANY blog!!! I want and need!!! So cute!! We can be addicted to shopping together!! It's out of control!! ;) Thanks for linking up!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Super pretty top! Glad I got to see it in person. Had lots of fun meeting you for lunch, and only wish we could have chatted longer. We'll have to do it again for sure!
    Sheaffer :)